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UAB acceptance?

Anyone accepted to UAB, University of Alabama at Birmingham?

How was your interview at UAB. Just wondering if it was mainly personal or clinical questions. I hope to be interviewing at the Mobile, AL or Jackson, MS site within the next few weeks. Interview letters go out next week. Good luck! and congrats on acceptance to Samford!!


My interview at UAB went very well. I had heard it was more intense than Samford, but I did not find this to be true. The faculty was very nice, especially the director, he was AWESOME. I did not have any clinical questions at all, it was all personal and experience related. They simply ask why CRNA, why UAB, what kind of ICU experience I've had, why should they choose me, and strengths and weaknesses. It was all exactly what you would expect. I received my letter for acceptance to UAB the other day, so now I have to choose between Samford and UAB. Did you also interview at Samford? Good luck on your interview with UAB, you'll do great!

...the director, he was AWESOME.

Which director, Samford's or UAB's?

UAB'S director, Mr. Williams, was AWESOME! He was VERY laid back and talked alot about things other than school or the interview. Samford's director was nice as well but he was ALL business. I suspect he would be just as likable outside of the circumstances of the interview though.

Which director, Samford's or UAB's?

Dr. Williams IS a very laid back guy. He teaches several sections in our pharmacology class, and he does the professional aspects portion. He is a good guy with a lot of experience and he enjoys what he does. He likes to cut-up occasionally with a joke or two; it's not uncommon to laugh-out-loud at least once during his lectures.



How do you feel about the program and faculty in general? What do you feel are the positives/negatives about UAB? Do you feel at a disadvantage due to the larger class size? Have you started clinicals yet, and if so how is it? You can PM me if you would like. Thanks.

I feel that the program and faculty are great! Dr. Williams has been the director there for a long time and he has put together a great bunch of instructors. Most, if not all of the program's instructors are graduates of UAB's anesthesia program.

Yes, the last several classes have been large, but I have had no problems getting one-on-one time from the nurse anesthesia instructors if needed (that goes for the other instructors as well; biochemistry, gross anatomy, physiology, research, etc.) They are all top-notch professors/instructors.

Another positive that I enjoy is that we get to dissect our own cadavers in gross anatomy; it's important to me to have that experience (I understand that a lot of other programs don't get to do this). UAB has many, many local as well as regional clinical sites for your training.

You don't have to have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing to be accepted (as long as you have a Bachelor's in a related field and are an RN with 1 year critical care) - that is a positive for some...

I will start clinicals in June, and from what I hear from the senior students, it is demanding, fun, and exciting! - and I'm very much looking forward to it.

As for negatives, I can't think of many, this was my first choice program/school. It's a front-loaded program (some view that as negative), it's 27 months long (could be positive or negative depending on your thoughts).

As for me, I'm grateful to be at UAB and feel that I absolutely made the right choice. I hope this helps; if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Dr. Williams ....

I wasn't aware that Joe had his PhD yet. He's still "Mr" Williams. Along those lines I'm not sure any of the current faculty at UAB have their doctorate yet. However, this should have zero influence on your decision.

He just recently earned it...

And your right, that had no influence on my decision either...

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