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U.S. Continuing Education Units for a foreign educated nurse


I had my initial licensure in New Mexico then it was endorsed to TX thru compact state. My NM license has already expired since 2008. I am now maintaining my TX license , currently active status. But I am still here in the Philippines because of the retrogression.

I am currently processing my Visascreen renewal and i just learned that i still need to send a license validation form for NM even tho I dont intent to practice there. One requirement is for me to renew my NM license which i am accomplishing now. On the form of the NM license reactivation, there is a question re: continuing education 30 hrs. I didnt accomplish the said CEU because I didnt plan to use my NM license anyways. I am just renewing it because it is a requirement for my Vscr renewal... so that the International Credential Evaluator can verify and validate that it is still active.

How do i go about this NM reactivation form... it's even asking for an SS number which i still dont have since im still in the Philippines

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No social security number no renewal, the same goes for US citizens, it is way for the state to see we are current with all our taxes and fines. I would prefer not to give my social security number but a nurse doesn't have that option no matter where you live.


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In the form where they ask you to put your ss#, just put N/A.

New Mex don't require SS# to get your license renewed. I am not in the US but I always get to renew my license without an SS#. You just have to pay the fee and complete the required number of hours for their CEs.

There are so many CE providers online. Even Medscape is an accredited provider of CE for New Mex.