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Okay, I did the BSN completion with UofP and I'm in the middle of the MSN program now! However, I'm just not too motivated anymore! So...what are the UofP MSN grads doing now? Please tell me how you all have wonderful jobs and love what you're doing because I'm getting burnt out. THanks in advance...judi


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Didn't you hear there is a nurse shortage. Well, you got your big degree, what ya gonna do with it? How bout teach? Encourage new nurses? How about educating nurses not to eat their young(shoot theirself in the foot) by encouraging and continue teaching the new ones how it really is with a little empathy?

You're not the follower anymore! Start LEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!:p :p :p :p :p


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Hi Judi,

Don't fret!! I see that you work in an ER, got your BSN and you are a Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN)!!! Awesome!! The MSN will open the rest of the doors for you...WORK YOUR WAY UP THE FOOD CHAIN

1. Hospital Educator...critical care, acute care, etc.

2. Nursing Instructor for LPNs, RNs, RN to BSN programs

3. Administrative - Nurse Manager, Department Director, VP, Director of Nursing

4. It will give you the needed credibility should you choose to get published...just check out the credentials of those writing for the ENA Journal of Emergency Nursing.

5. Role model....nursing students and your fellow co-workers will be inspired by you even if they don't necessarily express it to you.

6. Self accomplishment......You did it!!!! (that's #1 on my list!!)

Stick it out, you owe it to yourself!!!!


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Oops - I didn't mean this thread to come off sounding flippant. I certainly appreciate the degree and I have worked danged hard for it too. Thanks!


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I dont think you came off anything besides nice and inquiring:)

I have read your previos posts about UOP and appreciate you sharing your opinion. It was partly due to your posts that in August I decided to start the BSN program at UOP and hope to also do the MSN. I am in my 4rth class and am loving it. Can I ask you what the clinical classes will be like? I have read I set up my clinical somewhere, but what else do you do? How many hours do you do?

What is it about the MSN that is burning you out? Are there a lot more papers and work as opposed to the BSN? Any of your input would be appreciated.

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Thanks so much Tooter - your kinds words are much appreciated! The BSN clinicals aren't bad at all - you set up your own times with your own agency. For the family nursing - you can choose your family (I used a very nice neighbor) and it is pretty easy also. I'm getting burnt out on the MSN only because I chose to do it in 12 months. So, since June, I've taken seven classes - I'm doubling and skipping breaks. I'm just looking very forward to the Xmas break - four weeks off - yippee! I'm so glad you took the steps to continue your education. Continued education is the way to go. Take care and thanks again for the day brightener.

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