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U Mass Boston Clinical Sites


Good Morning AN!

Does anybody know some of the clinical sites U Mass Boston is affiliated with? Their website states "The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has affiliation agreements with over 200 health care agencies where students participate in clinicals, internships and preceptorships at the undergraduate and graduate level."

I'm comparing with Seattle U, which has amazing clinical sites, and would like to know as much info as possible. Thanks!

LoveThemSox, BSN, RN

Specializes in OR, Outpatient. Has 6 years experience.

I'm in the accelerated program and our clinical sites have been:

Adult health: BMC, Beth Israel-Needham, BIDMC,

Psych: VA-Brockton, McLean, Emerson

Maternity: BIDMC, St Elizabeths, south shore hospital, good samaritan, Cambridge hospital

Community: VA-JP, Norwell VNA

Peds: BMC, Boston childrens, Newton-Wellesley

Our preceptorship sites are supposed to also include MGH and Brigham & Women's.

I've heard some of the traditional students clinical sites to include the above plus MGH, Brigham, Cambridge public schools, Boston-area community health centers (so many to list!).

The only big hospital I haven't heard of any UMB student being at is Tufts...but again I don't know where past students may have been out if that's anther option for traditional students.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! That's very helpful. I'm looking at their traditional BSN.

umbdude, MSN, NP

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Traditional students go to places like cambridge, spaulding, VA, kindred etc. for the first semester.

2nd semester we'll be going to MGH, Brigham & Women's, Beth Israel, Good Samaritan, BMC, and South Shore. MGH, BWH, and Good Sam are also sites for DEU students and these students must go back to those sites for their final semester preceptorship.

BostonBub is pretty much right on about everything else. No Tufts Medical for traditional students either, no idea why.