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Due to the waitlist at my local cc, I am currently investigating other options...

Has anyone attended University of Michigan's nursing program? Also, anyone transfer into it? They have everything you really need to know on line, but it's always nice to hear personal experiences.




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I went to a monthly meeting, you have to register for it, just call the nursing dept and ask about it, they will sign you up for the next one and they will give you the low down! Also I dont know where you live but another idea (and its more cost efficient) Washtenaw CC has a 2 for 2 (so does Jackson CC) you do your first 2 years at the CC and then you do your junior and senior years at U of M graduating from there! From what I hear its easier to get into the 2 for 2 then the actual 2 yr program at the CC and by the time your waitlist # is up you could have been DONE with the BSN already!!!:up:

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