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U of Calgary Degree Holder Winter 2015



This is for anyone who has applied to the Degree Holder Route at U of C. I just wanted to let people know that if they have transcripts that still haven't been ordered from an Alberta Institution (through ApplyAlberta), give the admissions office a call (403-210-7625) and have them request it to be sent.

I was checking myuc everyday waiting to see if my transcript from Athabasca had been ordered and it still hadn't. I called admissions and the man told me he had to put a request for it to be ordered from Athabasca.... good thing I called or else they might not have ordered it in time for the Sept 30 deadline!

Hey quartz,

I also applied to UofC for the BNDH January entry and had the same problem! The whole thing was a bit of a mess. Thankfully it's all sorted now. Did you take BIOL235 through Athabasca by any chance?

According to the person in admissions I spoke with earlier today, they're beginning to evaluate complete applications as of next week (i.e., those with all transcripts received and application fee paid). Still hasn't stopped me from checking MyUC every five seconds though...

Wow! I can't believe they tell you a thousand times they will order it on your behalf when in actuality they DON'T! Good thing we both caught it... I hope it doesn't mess anyone else up.

Yes I did take BIOL 235 and Stats through Athabasca.

Haha, yes my daily ritual includes checking both MyUC and ApplyAlberta. I am glad they are starting to evaluate, I see from last year's thread some people found out before the end of September!

Still frozen_bum here, can’t seem to get into my other account, oh well…

My nerves are super racked about the whole application! I’m really hoping to hear back before the 24th of Sept. as I have a stopover in Calgary that day and was intending to do a tour of campus, but on the other hand I don’t want to get too attached if I don’t get in :(


My status on MyUC was just changed to "The Recruitment and Admissions office has reviewed your application and we are awaiting a Faculty decision."

How exciting!! I think there is a good chance you will find out before the 24th! Good luck to you :)

So glad that a post is finally created specifically for the winter 2015 intake of BNDH!


My status on MyUC was just changed to "The Recruitment and Admissions office has reviewed your application and we are awaiting a Faculty decision."

Wow...that's unbelievably fast. In fact I received an Email from the nursing department a few days ago saying the earliest offer won't go out until late Oct. It seems now some of us may get offers sooner than that.

As for myself, not only the status hasn't change it is still indicating I have a few more translations of documents to send... However, an admission officer told me my application was already all set for evaluation. I guess I'll wait a bit more before picking up the phone:(

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Lucky you that you've had email contact with someone from the faculty of nursing, because I haven't at all! Though admissions has been brilliant every time I've called, and my application was reviewed the day after they received my last transcript. I think it will kill me to have to wait until October to find out, really hoping it will be a bit sooner than that! Apparently in past years some people have gotten their offers the last week of November, really not a lot of time to get your life sorted prior to the programme start..

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Wow, exciting! eeenfermera, I'd say it's a good sign that your status has changed. I applied early in July and my applications status is complete, but no change for several weeks, and no emails either. I really hope to hear sooner rather than later, as I will need to make plans for accomodations in Calgary if I get in, and other plans if I don't get in...

Any updates on application status?

Mine now says complete. I talked with admissions today and she said we should be finding out in a couple of weeks and she also mentioned how things move quicker at this time of the year. Fingers crossed we find out soon...so many potential life changes to come!

I finally picked up the phone and called the admission office. They changed my status to completed a few seconds later lol... Seems like phone still speaks louder than Email does:p

Hi All,

Today I checked my uofc and my status has changed to admitted :)

I hope you all have heard something too! Or in the near future.

WOW, BIG CONGRATZ! Mine is still to be evaluated...

Btw Quartz, do you know if the admission decision is solely based on gpa? And do you mind sharing your gpa for your last 10 half courses?

Hi aNurse'son,

I believe it is based entirely on your GPa and of course if you have completed all of the pre reqs. My GPa in my last 10 courses was 3.9