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tx pay scale

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I need to know pay scale for rn's in Texas

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Depends on what part of Texas. If you're closer to the bigger cities like Houston or Dallas you make more money.

In the little hick town I work in, a new RN starts off about $18.25/hr, $18.50 for BSN.

I assume you mean hospital pay.

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I need to know pay scale for rn's in Texas
Where in Texas? You've got to remember that this place spans 870 miles horizontally, covers a huge area of land, and is the most expansive of the lower 48 states. Also, do you want to know the pay scale for a new grad? Or do you have RN work experience to take into consideration?

The pay could be as low as $18.50-$19 hourly for a new grad in a rural West Texas town. The pay could be as high as $40+ hourly for an experienced RN in a major city who works the hospital float pool on PRN status. It all depends on where you are located in Texas, how much experience you have, what type of experience you have, and which workplace setting (hospital, home health, clinic, long term care, etc.).

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pay is not everything. You need to consider cost of living too