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Hey there everyone,

Noticed no one made a topic for the twu fall 2024 cohort applications yet so I thought I would do it. Maybe it's just too early, but Im itching to get started! Has anyone already taken TEAS and finished all prerequisites? I'm nervous because I'm transferring in with no previous bachelors so I have no preference. 


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Also just in case there was any confusion, this is for the BSN program at Twu in Denton, Tx. I plan on applying to the Dallas campus!


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I plant to apply for the night/weekend program for Fall 2024. I haven't taken my TEAS yet but hopefully will be taking sometime in December. I finished all my prerequisites. Taking Patho this fall along with a couple of Psychology classes for a Physcology minor. I'm eager to get started as well. 


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Planning to apply for the Fall as well! I'm about 1 pre-req behind.. only need to take Microbiology. Still studying for the TEAS. 

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