once again, two thumbs up to NHS for getting their heads around this pandemic

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Oh dear, not an optimistic report, is it? They have to plan now to try to make this better. Are we doing this in the US, I wonder?


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They have tried to imagine the worst and then plan for it. That is the way you do these things. Right now the best analogy in the US is the Hurricane Katrina. There she was bearing down on NO while local, state and federal leaders sat there like deer in the headlights. Remember those people that drowned during Hurricane Katrina because they were to old or poor to leave. Then the newsmedia found all those school buses underwater and realized they could have been used to get people out of the economically depressed areas. I am hoping this won't be a worst case scenarios but responsible people plan like for disasters like the worst will happen. Chances are you will be correct about some things and wrong about others. If you don't plan you will be wrong about everything.

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