Two TB screening within 6 mos with neg results

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Is it ok to get TB screening within 6 mos because there are 2 employers. if both annual date fall within 6 mos period. for example one employer's annual screen is due in january and another one's in may then is it not ok to show jan TB screen results (neg) to second employer in may.

ask them. it is usual that an employer wants an annual test. annual is once a year. i think it likely that the one who wants it in may will accept the one from january.

could you please try to use capital letters and punctuation in your posts? i found it very, very difficult to read.

Thanks GrnTea for your advice and I apologize for the fast typed letter.

The requirements for my second employer states TB screening within last 3 months but I have TB screening done 4 months back at my own cost. I am wondering is it ok to subject me for another screening at such a short interval at my own expense when I have my annual TB neg results for this year (as well as for the last year).

any input is appreciated :)

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From a health standpoint, there is no reason why you can't have two TB tests within four months. A TB test (or PPD) consists of roughly 0.1mL of a derivative of dead tuberculosis bacteria (suspended in a fluid), and poses no risk to your health. It's very similar to an allergy test- during which multiple (sometimes more than a dozen) allergens are injected under the skin at one time.

Some schools/employers require a 2-step PPD, which means you get the test once and, if negative, get it again a month later. This is done just incase the initial exposure was not sufficient to cause a skin reaction. This is perfectly safe.

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