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Two Passengers from Liberia now in Quarantine in Chicago


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US Will Restrict Travel From Ebola-Hit West African Countries to 5 Airports

[h=2]Fliers from Ebola-affected countries must travel to New York, Newark, Washington, Atlanta or Chicago[/h]

The Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that airline passengers traveling to the United States from the the countries most affected by the Ebola outbreak must travel through one of five U.S. airports, where they will undergo screening.

The new restrictions take effect Wednesday and expand on a previous requirement that passengers whose travel plans originate in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone must undergo screening if they arrive at airports in New York, Newark, Washington, Atlanta or Chicago. Now, passengers must modify their itinerary to ensure they arrive at one of the five airports where they can be screened...

This is a more sensible approach than banning travel and least costly to US government who's health dept now has to pick up this cost.

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oh Lord!!!