Two Nursing Programs, One Choice, Which One?

Published i was not able to get in my first choice which is the bsn program that i wanted to get in soooo badly, instead i got in my local adn program this fall 08. i'm all set and ready for the semester to start next week.... quit my job, got my physical, immunizations, drug and background check, text books, nursing pack, scrubs etc.. then yesterday.. i got a call from the the bsn program saying that they had a spot available for me, and if i wanted it...i was like ummm... ummm. umm.. yes... of course i want it!! but, now i'm not sure which program i should attend.. i definitely want to get my bsn... instead of an adn.. but problem is the bsn program is a 3 years program.. and the adn program is two years.. in addition, the adn program is 10 mins from my home.. the bsn program is 1 hour away.. soo.. i researched the rn-bsn program for returning rns.. and it looks like it's a whole lot of courses to take..for a rn going to bsn.. so i suppose i rather do the general bsn program.. but, gas prices are super krazy these days and i have a husband and son to worry about.. i have financial issues.. and so many more things to worry about if i attend the bsn program.. i'm just going nuts!!!! i really want to attend the bsn program.. but it's just too complicated w/ my situation right now....before i was okay w/ not having any other option and just attending the adn program.. now that i have an option and a decision to make.. i'm terrified.. i don't want any regrets.... all i know is that if i don't make a decision sooooon i won't get a goood start in neither nursing programs..

please... anyone .. got any advise?:confused::confused:


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i think that you should go with the bsn program. it is what you really wanted and that should motivatation enough for you to take the long drive. i have a smiliar issue. i have to drive an hour to school as well but i realize that this is something that i really want. we can do it. good luck. keep me posted


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I'd go with the BSN as well.....I think you got that spot at the last minute for a reason! Congratulations to you!!!

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