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I have two interviews this week on the same day. One is a second interview with a hospital and the other is a first interview later that afternoon with a different hospital (new grad program). I'm wondering if I am offered the position for the first job while I'm there, do I accept or do I tell them I have another interview later that day? I don't think they'll offer me the job while I am there, but I would like to be mentally prepared just in case. I am leaning on just accepting it and later declining if I recieve an offer from the other hospital since that is ideally the one I would rather be at.

Thanks for the help!


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You can just tell them you appreciate the prompt offer but would like to think about it and get back with them the next day. That'll give you a chance to go to the other interview and see if you even like the other place first. Just be sure to give them a realistic timeline of when you will let them know about the offer and you should be fine.

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Thank you for the help! That sounds perfect.