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turn teams


question...do you guys have turn teams?

i had never heard of them, but we have a team consisting of a registered nurse and aide that goes around and turns people every two hours. is this pretty much how it is in all hospitals these days??

just wanted to add that i never wait on said turn teams, if its been 2 hours, i turn them unless ive been told otherwise.

Missingyou, CNA

Specializes in Long term care. Has 20 years experience.

Never heard of it and I've been doing this more than 20 yrs. It's always been the responsibility of the CNA to turn residents every 2 hours.

right, that is what i said! i was really surprised. and its not that there are a lot of turns anyway. this hospital is really different than any place ive ever worked.

There are a few RNs at my job who will gladly help us turn a patient; the rest, not so much. One in particular? Only if it will make her look good in the eyes of the administration or someone in authority to save her own skin. And we have a CNA who acts like she doesn't have the first clue as to how to turn a patient, and sadly, she really doesn't. How she managed to pass a CNA class is beyond me.

oh we have those too, its ridiculous...its just so strange, this is like a specific group of people that just go around the hospital, turning people. i think its because a lot of the sitters wont do anything...we are supposed to basically be private duty cnas to whoever we are sitting with, but some of these ladies will just sit and do absolutely nothing!

verene, MSN

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We don't have a dedicated "turn team" but on my unit the CNAs are really good at working together for turns, and many of the nurses are willing to help as well, so I rarely have to turn by myself which is really, really, nice.