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Tulsa Tech nursing

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I am trying to find a good LPN nursing school in Tulsa area... anyone heard anything about Tulsa Tech? What other LPN school are there?

Also.. interested in the OSU-Okmulgee RN program, but have heard bad things about them ex. low pass rate for boards. Anyone attend there and what are your thoughts??

One last question... is it better to earn your LPN and than go to RN school later, that way you have experience before school. Really confused about what I should do RN or LPN. I have most of my basics already but thought that having my LPN would give me an edge in RN school.

Thanks for any replies!!:):uhoh3:

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i went to greencountry tech in okmulgee and liked it ok. osu-okmulgee was right next door and mostly people that took the lpn program then the osu passed and others failed (i heard this anyway). also central tech is in sapulpa and is a good school

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