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Hello! I have applied for the traditional program. Just curious if anyone else has applied for 2019 and if so, what's your GPA look like and have you completed all required classes?

I applied! I've got every class taken and completed except for Microbiology, which I'm enrolled in currently. I have a 3.44 GPA. Unsure of what my GPA is for my sciences total though. Good luck!

Do you know what they are looking for when it comes to being accepted or denied?

It's 1/3 science GPA, 1/3 GPA of all 5 pre-reqs, and 1/3 total GPA. Letters go out on Monday, so I'm really anxious and nervous!

I've been nervous and anxious for the last 2 months. Do you know the breakdown of it? I've been trying to figure out my chances but honestly just don't know. Like points

I don't know the breakdown of it, it's a new system that they're doing only this year. Next year they'll have a new test that's supposed to be a lot harder... I just know that it's all based on the GPA. I've got a pretty good GPA for all of my classes, but I'm still so nervous! I'm going home on lunch every day this next week to check the mail to look for the letter.

It's definitely an emotional rollercoaster. One minute I'm feeling confident and then the next I'm not. I have all my classes needed, I just need the nursing classes. Praying every day but still so hard not to worry.

Definitely a roller coaster of emotions! I have everything except Micro, I'm taking that this semester. I pray every day but I'm so nervous and anxious.

I wasn't told that it was almost completely GPA determined. I was told that there's going to be points awarded for gen ed classes completed, with science weighted more and if someone has a degree, they will also possibly get points as well. That's all I was told so it makes me worry that much more. Just so ready to get the letter. I'm expecting it to be here on Wednesday.

I contacted them to ask if letters had been sent out and they responded and said that they should go out by Friday.

oh, I'm so ready to get that letter too! Keep me updated! I spoke to them yesterday and they said that the letters went out yesterday, so hopefully we'll have something tomorrow! Sooo nervous and nauseated thinking about it!

Who did you talk to? I keep getting conflicting information. It's so frustrating because I just want to know already! í ½í¹

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