tuition/accreditation at these schools


I am going to start researching this myself but was hoping that maybe someone might already know or be able to help. I thought I found the perfect accelerated BSN program, however, I've just realized that although CCNE accredited, it is nationally and not regionally. I eventually plan to go on for CRNA. I'm worried that if I do my RN at this nationally accredited school, that will limit me on what schools I can go to for CRNA.

So I am looking at other schools and trying to figure out the cost of tuition for the ABSN program and accreditation (national or regional) at the following:


Univ of Miami

Jacksonville Univ.

Univ. of North FL Jacksonville

Florida Atlantic



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Tuition for in state is reasonable: my 1st semester of ABSN program was $3600. But they want you to buy a boatload of computer programs, books, an overpriced lab kit that comes in a garbage bag, and a seriously overpriced pair of scrubs that feel like cardboard. Since I didn't have medical insurance, I had to spend a fortune for immunizations and titers, too. They say we won't have to buy any more lab kits, computer programs, and only a few more textbooks, so these hefty costs are up front. We'll see I guess. It cost me nearly $2000 before I paid my tuition!!!!

The professors at USF are awesome, and I'm having a great experience so far. Some people are getting B's and C's for the first time in their lives and freaking out, so it's tough. They're a top school in FL for nursing. Their website says they're "accredited by Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award degrees at the baccalaureate, master's, specialist, and doctoral levels." I guess that means regional. They're a public school with a fantastic reputation, so I'd say come down!!! Acceptance is tough: close to 400 applied for 96 spots this summer, and I imagine more people would try to apply in fall. There's no spring admission for the BSNs. Clinicals are currently in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, and Sarasota.


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UM is 40,000

FAU is about 13000 I believe

I would imagine the other state colleges are the same.