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My husband and I are considering a move to Arizona when I am done with school in two years. (would be the spring/summer of 2006) We are starting research now and would like to at least decide on a city. Could ya'll give us some insight into pros and cons of both Tucson and Phoenix. He lived in Phoenix a long time ago and I lived in Tucson for a couple months years ago. We are looking at job market, schools (and anything else to do with children as ours are young and will be 6, 4 and 2 when we move), crime, cost of living, weather, etc, etc, etc.

Tips, ideas, websites, thoughts anyone????

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Personally, I'd stay clear of Phoenix (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too large and polluted, high crime, etc.) and go with Tucson any day of the week. My Mom lives in a retirement community north of Phoenix which is not even considered part of Phoenix, but Phoenix has a way of metastasizing...(40 thousand people in her "little community")... :rolleyes: ... heck, the town I live in here in Va. has all of 7 thousand ! :chuckle

My sis lives in Tucson... and every year we visit both places. I love Tucson ! Has the "Old Tucson" and "New Tucson"... A University town, much to see and do. Also about ten degrees cooler as the elevation there is higher than Phoenix.

We have several here from Az., and I'm sure they can fill you in on the details. :)

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Thanks! Part of my thoughts is that I could get my BSN at the U of Arizona in Tucson too, which of course I need to become a midwife eventually. I guess I really need the info. because Bryan would have better luck with Home Depot in Phoenix. He is going to have to have a Home Depot Expo. center for the job he will have by then. I can't remember the name of the town there is one in but I am pretty sure it is outside of Phoenix, not that he couldn't get a job working for another company doing the same thing, I'm sure.

okay, more info. guys?


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Skip both and move to Australia lol

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I would love to actually. Australia is one of the two places on earth I have really wanted to at least visit. AND, I have heard that Bryan, with his Masters in INternational Finance, would do really well there! BUT, we gotta stay sorta close to our loved ones!

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