Tucson Nurses/ students, How did /do you find sick child care??


Hello all,

I will be starting my ADN in pima CC in Spring 2011. I have a son who is not in school yet. I'm planning on putting him in a day care center f/t when I start school. My husband will be mostly out of town and I have no family in Tucson either. I have this problem, what can I do when my son gets sick?? We all know kids get sick easily in a day care center setting. How can I find sick child care for my son if the day care center doesn't accept sick children. I can't stay home with him specially on clinical days and at the rate they get sick I can't miss that many classes either.

So, does anyone know of a place that accept sick kids/ or a normal day care center with a sick kid section? Or an individual care giver who is willing to look after sick kids? How can I find someone? Usually how much they charge for a sick child? I tried Craigslist , but the response is not good.

I know there are some sites on the internet / care agencies that provide sick child care but they need 24 hour notice. How do I know when is my kid going to get sick? And the rate is too high too. My husband is the only one working and we are on a budget.

I need emegency back up child care. How did you ,nursing students / nurses find sick child care in Tucson?

Please help, PM me if you know of a place or a person. Sorry this is long.

Thank you in advance.

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i'm in phoenix, but here's what i do-

hope your kid doesn't get sick! in my nursing program you can miss ONE clinical day per block. my kids' father lives up here also but travels a lot, and my parents are also in the valley but are not a reliable source of emergency care.

so, i make sure my kids stay really, really healthy. no junk food, limited sugar. i feed them whole, natural foods. limited processed foods (ex:goldfish crackers). lots of veggies and fruit. no boxed dinners- we have a meat, a grain (brown rice, quinoa, etc), and veggies. lots of hand washing, and they also get a children's organic, natural multivitamin daily. and they drink a lot of water.

i absolutely do not miss a day of lecture or clinical unless i am on my deathbed- that one day a block must be saved for my kids if they become ill.

good luck!


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What side of town do you live on? I used to have a lady around 22nd/Wilmot behind the Jim Click dealership there. If you're remotely close to that location, I can see if I can find her number for you. I do not know if she does sick care, but she was AWESOME caring for my son prior to me moving to Continental Ranch.

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Try going to a church close to you and speaking with the Pastor or Bishop and ask if there are any stay at home moms that watch children. Get a list and interview them. Go with your gut. Good Luck!


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hi kristyk,

if you can find that lady's number please pm me. i live close to u of a area. 22nd and wilmot is a little far but i'm willing to give it a try. these days i'm looking for day care with few kids( not just sick care) for my son as i'm starting in january.

thank you .


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I don't live there, but I just ran into a site called Seeking Sitters.com. Its a service that connects you to highly qualified babysitters and you sign up and then are matched with a sitter. Basically you can call the service the day before or whatever, and they send out a sitter (that you have met and everything). Anyway, check it out, its what I plan to use unless my kids deathly ill. I have no relatives or anyone either, so I know how much that sucks.