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My family has finally decided (after deliberating between NJ, NY and AZ) to relocate to Tucson. I am hoping to work at UMC and was wondering if anyone had suggestions of where in Tucson would be a nice area to reside. I am looking for an area that is quiet but still not too far from the hospital. Any suggestions?


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I relocated from NY to Tucson several years ago. There are many reasonable apartment complexes through out the town. Most of them offer three month,six month, and annual leases. My suggestion would be to take a three month lease,and that will give you plenty of time to learn your way around town,and decide where you would prefer to live. I live in a beautiful area north of Tucson in a town called Oro Valley. If you are going to work at UNC, Oro Valley would be about a 40 minute drive. I am sure you could find something suitable close to the hospital. Good Luck, Tracy

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The Sam Hughes neighborhood is wonderful. Close to UMC, but pricey. The north-west side of town is good, too.

I recently moved to Tucson as well. My wife and I moved to the west side, in the area of Sweetwater and Silverbell (about 1 mile west of I-10). This provides an "out-of-the-city" feel but also allows the convenience of having a relatively straight shot into town. The drive takes less than 20 minutes, I would guess, to get to UMC.

I agree with the previous poster regarding a 3 month apartment lease. Unless you know an area of town you would like to live, and you have an idea where you will be working, the interim time will give you a chance to get a handle on this town and figure things out.


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My wife worked at UMC and lived in apartments north on Campbell. It was in the foothills north of Sunrise, if I remember correctly. The complex was equipped with pretty views, javalina, and UMC residents.


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I think the best neighborhood closest to UMC would be the foothills area. Also Good areas of town are the NW side (Oro Valley), the far east side, and Rita Ranch (SE side). Good luck to you!!

I have lived in Tucson since 1982. The BIGGEST thing to consider when moving here is the traffic flow. It is HEAVY coming west in the morning, and just the opposit in the eveing. I know from where I lived on the west side it took me about 30 minutes in the morning to get to UMC.... so WHERE you live depends on the shift!


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