Trying this again..Tips needed!

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Hi everyone!

Its been awhile since I was here. I was absolutely over whelmed with school (my pre-reqs) as I had a lot of health issues so I had to miss quite a bit of class. I dropped my classes a went to another college for Equine Studies. I found that I absolutely HATED that program. So after finding a full time job that I absolutely do not enjoy, I am trying nursing again because I do have the passion for it.

So my question is how do you keep yourself from becoming over whelmed? How do you keep yourself in difficult classes that you struggle with? And helpful tips are greatly appreciated!

I am so fearful that something is going to happen and I will end up dropping my classes. I want to stick with this and do my best!


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Welcome to AN! Is it safe to assume your health issues have resolved?

One thing I recommend for all students is to take a learning styles inventory so that they know how they best learn and retain information. If you aren't someone who learns best by reading, it would make no sense to spend the bulk of study time on reading. Quality of studying beats quantity.

Beyond that, there is a forum under the students tab in the yellow bar across the top dedicated solely to study tips.



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Thanks for your advice!

I was robbed at gunpoint in 2014, it affected me so bad that my anxiety went through the roof and I ended up leaving college and my job because I couldn't contain it. After receiving professional assistance I am much better and I have been actively working for over a year now.

So I suppose to clarify my really big concern: how can I keep myself motivated and keep myself driven when I get overwhelmed or struggle?

My big flaw is I'm a perfectionist and I get too hard on mysef if I don't have a good grade or I am overwhelmed. Almost as if I want to drop it all than take the risk of doing bad. I don't want to be like this anymore so I need to stay motivated!

Also, I am worried about juggling work and school but I am passionate (I don't see myself being anything else other than a nurse) and I want to go to school! I know with the right mindset I can do it. People do it all the time! But I just need some help keeping myself on the right path.


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Honestly, the only advice I can give you is to not wait until the last minute to do projects or study. Keeping on top of everything is going to be your best bet to not getting overwhelmed. But, even then, nursing school can be overwhelming. :) Hard to say what will work for you.


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I'm a perfectionist too... it's run me into trouble with time. Maybe humor will help? Like search google images with "Nursing student GPA meme" If you can laugh at yourself and know others are laughing at the same exact thing at themselves, it helps :) Keeps things in balance and in perspective.