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I'd like your input on some choices that I have. I have been a nurse for 6 yrs. This past year I worked in an SICU at a level one trauma center for 4 months before having to move out of state. I was unable to find an SICU position so I chose a PICU position at a children's hospital who is very well known. I grad with my BSN next Dec and would like to apply to CRNA school in May of 2011. I'm guessing my GPA will be around 3.8. I then plan to take the GRE. By the time I start the program, I'll have about 1.5 yrs of PICU experience. I'm also training right now to work in the CVICU and am now going to start working as a contingent at another hospital on a trauma/SICU floor. I prob won't have my CCRN by then, but would take it after my year is up. My question is, Do you think this experience will be enough or should I stay another year in the ICU? If I get my CCRN after I apply to CRNA school, do I notify them that I now have it? Any suggestions will help. Thanks.

Some schools require the CCRN, while others require two years of experience, or specify adult ICU experience. As long as the schools you're applying to require none of those things, you can go ahead and apply and see what happens! I would also definitely send a copy of your CCRN card once you pass the exam, if you aren't able to get it done before your application is due. What's the worst that can happen? If you don't get in you can apply again the next year with more experience.


Since you already have a year with adults, getting into school with "current" peds experience should not be a problem. If you want to get your CCRN, best to start studying for that now since it will be fresh. Peds is a whole other ball game and you will need to focus on that. You need to contact each school you want to attend and figure out if they will take PICU. Have fun working with the kidos, atleast you will be comfortable with them by the time you go to school.FYI: highly recommend the having the CCRN before you apply, trust me.:twocents:

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Every program is different. I have been accepted with 15 months experience.

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