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Trying to get into ED nursing

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I have been a nurse for 5 years. I have and am experienced in iv certification, pre & post cath lab recovery, critical care bedside, telemetry, bls, and acls. My career goal has always been to be in the ED but I can't seem to get there. I have been submitting my resume to positions for a couple of years in two different states now but never even get picked for an interview. Yet when I ask other nursing staff they all say it is easy to get in the ED and I should have no trouble. What am I missing here? What could I be doing wrong? What can I do to standout? My job performance evaluations are always great and I constantly get patient accolades so that is not the issue. I am starting to lose hope that I will never get the career I have always wanted. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Megan8083, BSN, RN

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What I had to do is wait for my hospital to open up ED training programs that were designed for inhouse transfers. This usually happened twice a year. I had to wait it out on a telemetry unit until then. This was a 8 week training program and precetorship. In my experience it is hard to get a ED position at a hospital you don't already work at without ED experience.