trying to finish RN to BSN:college algebra delaying graduation

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hello everyone.i am currently finishing my Rn to bsn online.i am now taking college algebra(pre-calculus) then 2 more online nursing classes left to graduate.i am taking this college algebra class on-campus and having trouble.see the last math class I took was intro algebra 6 years ago.i have never taken intermediate algebra.i just proceeded to college algebra with a waiver.i think I just made the worst decision of my life.its hard to do homework if I don't even understand some math concepts that I was supposed to learn in intermediate algebra.i informed my professor this.he just told me I need to get a tutor but a tutor can't just teach me the whole intermediate algebra class together with helping me do this college algebra.i am frustrated because I really want to graduate and I don't know what to do.has anybody here ever passed college algebra (precalculus) without taking intermediate algebra? any advice would be helpful.thank you.

I would suggest using a bunch of you free time to go through videos and quizzes on Khan Academy. The videos are great, and might be able to fill in your math blanks.

Alternatively, Aleks has a nice online program, but I'm not sure if they have videos, and it isn't free.

I took it in class, but used my math lab for homework. Same here, the concepts were waaay over my head. I went home and watched videos on youtube. If i didnt like the way one person did it i would find another video. Then spend hours on homework. I managed a B and was super thankful for that!

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