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ok i have read so much im about to go cross eyed, im an lpn in MO and we are wanting to move to Florida, i know about the continuing education hours, and all that jazz, my questions are..... has anyone endorsed into florida and was in a pain? does it take awhile? and my biggest question is do u have to work in ur state where u got licensed for two years before u can apply for endorsement or is that just for nurses who are trained outside the US? im so freaking confused. if anyone has gone threw this endorsment thing in florida please help me out and clear my head.... thanks!!!!!:uhoh3:


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I just recently endorsed my license to florida and although I had heard it could be a long process, taking a min of 30 days, i was lucky enough to find out in approx 17 days. I was able to find out online, then received a letter stating the only hold up was verification from originating state( New York). Well today i received the official notification that I was in fact an LPN in the state of Fl. I sent them every piece of paperwork I had, which they probably trashed but I figured better safe than sorry . So for me it was an easy procedure.I am curious did you ever do the endorsement to Fl and if so how did it go for you?


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Hi, I'm an LPN licensed in Pa. and Fl. I applied for my Fl. license last April and finally got in about 31 days, I did however complete some con-ed classes online and send them proof of the courses taken as Pa. requires no con-ed. I am now living and working in Fl. and LOVE IT!! The cost of living is much lower than Pa.( I am from the northeast pa, right smack in the middle on the border between Pa. and Ny.) and the pay here in Fl. is about 5 to 10.00 more per /hr...Hope this helps you... Good Luck! :yeah:

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