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Trying to decide LPN or PCA

RunnerD1987 RunnerD1987 (Member)

I have decided want to go back to school for nursing. With current job stability and finances was thinking going for PCA or LPN be beneficial financially and regarding experience. The program for the PCA is $4,000 and average pay for PCA is $16 an hour. For an additional $10 an hour can be an LPN, buy very small job market the program is $25,000. However, can move out of state and work as an LPN granted reciprocity of license. Also the LPN program is 18 months the PCA program is 6 month's.

The program interested in for LPN is 18 months, but an additional 6 month's can receive your R.N. from school that works with the L.P.N. program. The nursing program at this school takes on average 22 to 26 months doing the evening program.

Then the other benefit is can add on another 18 months with the program an receive your B.S.N. all during the evening which is really a sweet deal.

The only other option be going paramedic route, but it takes about 18 months as well, but market and not many bridge programs or any into Nursing in my current state.

Looking for feedback of those who went the L.P.N. route...do you feel the right choice? Recommend it over medical assistant or being a PCA? If you have a bachelor's degree and L.P.N. degree can you go into a R.N. to B.S.N. program anyone know, will have to look that up.

Appreciate the feedback

shan409, ASN, BSN, LPN, RN

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My situation: I am bridging through my entire nursing education/career journey. After waiting on a community college's RN (ADN) program for more than a year, I have just finished my first semester of an LPN program (3 semesters total). I am and have been employed at a hospital for more than 6 years and while my hospital system does not employee LPNs, I plan to continue to work here contingent (as a pharmacy technician) while working in the long term care environment as an LPN while completing my LPN-RN program.

I would not advise going to school to become a PCA or MA if your ultimate goal is to become a nurse. I am in the Detroit area and there are many LPN job opportunities here as well as the tri state (MI, OH, IN) area.

Best wishes!

Appreciate the feedback...forgot that is also the added benefit if you pass the course and receive your license there is zero wait time into the ADN program. Appreciate the feedback and good luck with your career.