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Hey All,

I need some advice. I am currently in the process of getting my AA degree from a school that is quite new and should graduate shortly. They have provisional accreditation with the florida state board of nursing. The problem lies with the fact that the first graduation class did quite poorly on the NCLEX ( a passing rate of about 55%). I am interested pursuing higher education with a goal of becoming an Nurse Practitioner. I have called around to many schools that have such NP programs and they have told me they will not accept my AA degree from my current school because it is not regionally accredited ( which is obvious because its a new program). I was under the impression that in florida all nursing courses are state wide and should be accepted regardless of where they came from. I am not really sure what to do at this point because my degree will be completely worthless for me if i cant pursue higher education. Some schools have said they would accept transfer credits but not count my degree, meaning i would have to take many courses over again. It seems a bit unfair that if i pass the NCLEX and get my license that i should be penalized because the program is new and working on becoming better. Any thoughts on this ?

yikes!! I'm in tampa- I'd ask college XXX WHEN they expect accreditation then ask St. Pete, U of Tampa or USF counselor if they would accept it then. Plus check at Jacksonville University (Jacksonville FL) - it's online plus if you HAD to visit campus you could.

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You would still have to go for your BSN first. Make sure your BSN is from an accredited school. Jacksonville University Online is awesome and they might wave all the other classes if you have your AA degree plus 30 credits for passing boards. If I were you I would call them and see. That is were I am right now. :D


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Thanks for the advice chicookie -- i think that is what i am going to have to do in order to pursue my advance degrees.

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After passing you NCLEX or while you are at this point you may want to contact:


They will give you an "unofficial" evaluation and tell you what you need going forward to get the accredited BSN and then move forward.

Just my $0.02.

Best Wishes!



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I agree on the idea that you could use the education as a lateral move into another program. You could have your "unrecognized" education evaluated by a recognized agency such as the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services etc.

Once assessed, the credentials are deemed "equivalent" and become just as valid as the original and accedited thing.

Try here:

My best and good luck.


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