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Hello to all my fellow nurses! It feels good to say that since I am a new grad. I have been searching for what feels like several months but really has been only weeks. It is depressing! I have applied for at least 30 jobs and have so far only had 1 interview for home care.

Here's a little background on me: I have a BA Psychology, AS Nursing, BS Nursing in progress (4 classes left). I have worked in long term care as a NA and in a hospital as a 'student nurse' (yes it is an actual job) for 1 year I graduated with a 4.0 - had a preceptorship in one of the nation's top hospitals in the cardio ICU.

What gives? I'm seriously starting to get upset about this. I have applied to nursing homes, home care, hospitals, clinics - you name it. I just applied to another hospital in IL - long drive (8 hours). I'll do it though!

If anyone has tips, advice, or just encouragement I could really use it.

Thanks to all!

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1) Network

2) Be the squeaky wheel

The job market for new grads is lousy right now, meaning you have to find a way to stand out.

I think you sound like a great candidate, but students with exceptional grades, excellent clinical experiences, and great preceptorships are not all that rare. There are a sea of new grads out there just like you who look great on paper, so you have to find a way to go beyond the paper and stand out from the pack.

I networked. I talked to anyone who would listen. I wouldn't say I was overly agressive, but I wasn't shy about making my goals and intentions clear to people who could make hiring decisions.

I followed up. Nurse managers, nurse recruiters, nurse educators and the like have a lot of other stuff going on, and you're not the only new grad talking to them. Be the squeaky wheel, follow up with them and let them know you're still interested. It serves as a reminder and illustrates your motivation.

I hope this helps in some way. Good luck!


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You can always try the Navy. They have great, benefits,, and retirements, and low to free traveling. You will recieve a signing bonus and possibly loan repayment. Just out this link.


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Be a stalker!

Find out the names of unit managers at hospitals that you want to work at and send resumes directly to them.

Applying online you are likely lost in a sea of other applicants. You need to contact people directly and keep contacting them. Your name will stay fresh on their minds and they will be impressed by the interest you have in their unit and the effort you put in to contact them.

Be patient, but persistent.

Good luck!


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is the nurse job shortage through out the US? I'm in FL and starting he RN program, getting very discouraged by all the shortage talk...

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Don't get too discouraged... I know it's frustrating. When I got my RN (after already having a BA) in '93 I couldn't find a job for 3 months and then it was only part time in the nursing home where my mom worked. 3 months later I finally found a FT hospital gig. Now, after being home with my kids the past 2 yrs I'm starting all over again looking for a job! Ugh. It's a drag, but don't lose heart, be patient... and persistant. Good luck (to us all)!


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In all of my 40+ years in Nursing I have seen shortages, then an over abundance of nurses so many times. There are jobs out there, we just hired 30+ new grads at our hospital. You may have to be willing to get experience at rural hospitals, the Navy as suggested, Army, Air Force, etc. I did the Navy thing many years ago and got great experience, of course it was during Viet Nam and we had many injuries to deal with, but I saw things I would not have seen in civilian hospitals. They serve families of military also so Peds, OB, Clinics, GYN are all available, and you can get to travel if thats your thing. So think about checking outside of your area if able to relocate and look for work in under served areas. So many of us will be retiring soon and there will be a major shortage then again. We are located between Charleston and Columbia in SC, the weather is usually warm, the mountains are not too far, neither is the ocean. Our night life may not be great but it is not too far away. Think outside the box and maybe you will have to call recruiters or go online. You may not get your ideal job the first time but it is a step to it. Good luck on your journey.:bugeyes:


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I want to say thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I have been lucky this past week and have had one interview and now have another on Monday. I am doing my best to keep going (even though it is exhausting). Good luck to everyone else searching - this situation has to turn around soon!

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