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Hey forum,

Wanted to run something by you all. I applied for a pool job at a wellknown university hospital in philadelphia. There was a refence form you needed to have filled out by a supervisor. The form was a legal form and had something to do with a nurse who went around abusing patients. I'm not exactly sure but it had something to do with that. Anyway, 1 1/2 ago, i made a med error. i think i gave 2 mg dilaudid after the order was cancelled. nothing happened to the patient. they should have gotten percocet i think. that was the med error. i went right to the supervisor and told her and filed out an incident report, told the patient. I tried to be as honest as i could.

so now, on the reference form, there was a question about whether i had ever abused or negligected a patient and my supervisor said yes and wrote that i had gotten an oral coaching about the med error.

So i fax the hospital the form and they havent gotten back to me. They said they were very interested in me in the interivew so that reference must have done me in.

I dont know what to do. this supervisor is sabatoging my chances at getting a per diem job. shes not trying to screw me, shesa nice woman, but she says shes just being honest.

how the hell is this abuse or neglect? it was a ******* accident!!! i felt horrible about it. do you know how many nurses said oh you should have kept it to yourself??? at least i fessed up abobut it!!!

im worried this will keep happening. i feel like im being treated like a criminal. im desperate--long story---for the money.

what do you all think of this?

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I feel like there are many nurses out there who have made medication errors and are still working. Maybe you can call the hiring manager to find out your application status and have a chance to explain yourself?

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I'm really surprised your facility let her say that much. I'd be very offended and probably start looking for another full time gig. If you do leave I'd really consider pursuing a written clarification because as you describe it that is not abuse or neglect! Please keep us posted and good luck.