travelling to tuczon, az


Hi guys! I'm a travelling nurse and I was just offered a contract at Tuczon medical center. I need your opinion on how is the general atmosphere out there in Tuczon. Are there plenty of things to do out there? Is the hospital organized? Are the people friendly? Please help me out because I dont know if I would take the position or not. Thanks!!! :wink2:

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Tucson is great, and there's lots to do. TMC does have a bad rep, though. There is a lot of staff turnover there- especially in the OR. If you take the contract, make sure you are housed on the north or north/east side of town.


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I work at UMC in Tucson and I love it. I hear a lot of bad things about TMC from doctors and RNs.

Honestly Tucson sucks and I do regret moving here. If it wasn't for my job I wouldn't have anything keeping me here. Think hard before you move here. Do you want to live in a border town?

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