Travelling to Brisbane, what to do and see?



Both my girlfriend and I are travelling to Brisbane for the entire month of April to visit her mother (we're from Canada). Could anyone suggest affordable and fun attractions to see and do? Please include free things as well. We're 23 and 24. We enjoy eveything, from drinking, socializing, site seeing, swimming etc..


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Okay - one of THE most affordable and yet fun things to do is simply take a Ferry (thats Ferry not Fairy:p) ride along the river. Last time I did it it cost about $3 and you could do the round trip on one of the big Catamarans (CityCats). You get on at Southbank (Which is a big parkland with huge swimming pool and is also free) and do the round trip.

This link is to the ferries

Here is the public transport link for Brisbane

A LOT of Freebies (though most say "until the end of March:D)

Have fun!!

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And, if Brisbane bores you.........

you could always come south to Adelaide! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Only kidding! Just teasing Gwenith is all!

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:rolleyes: Hmmm ..... You can go on an Eco Tour from the Redcliffe Jetty, Australia Zoo at Beerwah, or a smaller zoo like Alma Park Zoo at Dakabin, Moreton Island (ferry leaving from Scarborough), hiking at Glass House Mountains, SouthBank's man-made lagoon .................... as you can see, I don't get out much:wink2: etc. Can't advise about drinking .............. gave that up ages ago.


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Best clothes shopping in fortitude valley, (Ann St), this area also has a lot of bars/nightclubs/llive music etc, this area has a very eclectic mix of people, very interesting but like any inner city area be aware of your personal safety. especially at night. If you want to be a bit more civilized move slightly further down the road to the James street area, for bars/shopping that is more expensive but very nice.

The West End area is very multicultural and has great restaurants that will not break the budget, also a fantastic cocktail bar called the lychee lounge.

The Regatta Hotel is a great place to sit on an afternoon to people watch by the river.

I love the Botanical Gardens at Mt Cootha, but put your walking shoes on they're huge.

Some people trash Brisbane saying it's boring, but it's not , you just have to know where to lookl

enjoy your stay.

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