Traveling with 1 year of experience


I have always been told that I needed at least 1 year in my specialty to travel (I'm an OR circulator). I was looking forward to beginning my traveling career but recently told I actually need 2 years experience. What a bummer. Now I have to wait another year. Did any of you start traveling after only 1 year of experience in your specialty? Is it difficulty to find assignments?


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Some places will do ot but for your own sanity I would suggest 2. Most hospitals wont look at you without 2 years experience. Its really hard to be proficient in all specialties with just 1 year. As a traveler you can be in a big spine case, an eye the next, gallbladder next, crani next, neonate general next, ruptured AAA, robotic prostate, ureteral stent, shoulder scope.. within a couple shifts.. you get the point. You wont get orientation to the surgeries/surgeons as a traveler, just the dept and computer system.