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Traveling and Working Days???


Hi there!

So it occurs to me that while I'm interested in becoming a traveler I DO NOT want to work overnights and wondering if that may be a problem. So a couple of questions come to mind regarding scheduling and such.

Are there day positions for Med-Surg and Tele nurses to be had?

Is most of the work 12 hour shifts, being the standard 7a-7p and 7p-7a?

Has anyone ever had an assignment that was less than full-time, such as 2-12's a week?

Any insight you could give me on your experience with these issues would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much and Happy 4th of July....going to work now ;)



Has 6 years experience.

I am on a day shift assignment now on tele in Flagstaff. I am not sure about less than 3 12's. My assignment was supposed to be for 13 weeks, but I guess I'm filling in for someone on medical leave so they shortened it to 8 weeks. They said I cld do the 13 but wld be on nights after that, which I can't do. They are out there!

1. yes

2. yes

3. yes, but very uncommon. Once in a great while, someone will have a Baylor weekend option (paying 36) or you can negotiate something at a facility you worked at before. Doesn't pay for agencies or travelers to acquire housing on short hours.

Yea, good news!!!

Thanks so much guys for your responses; I really appreciate it!!!


They are necessary to be well arranged and it can really be sorted this way, all you gotta do is plan things well and that is all that matters.