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What does your significant other do while traveling?

My fiance and i are dreaming about traveling in a few years. The problem is that i do not have a skill that is travel friendly. I have been thinking of a career change for the last few years, but can't come up with anything that would be travel friendly. I do have some time to get through a college course, so i have spent days staring at what the local colleges offer trying to figure out what would work for me to no avail.

I have thought about nursing to work along side her, but I don't know if I'm cut out for the trials and rigors of what you all do. I thought about being an xray tech for a little while, but i just don't think i would be able to handle any medical career.

So what jobs do your SO's hold that can keep up with your ever changing location, and still be able to have some time to enjoy the travel experience?

Thanks for your time.

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My SO is a nursing home administrator. There are interim jobs for them just as there are for nurses. We are not traveling at this time, but seriously considering it. I used to know a man who traveled with a company doing construction. His wife was a nurse and went everywhere with him. I used to know a woman who was a photographer. Her husband was a physician and he traveled alot, filling in at ERs and such. I forget who she worked for, but her company used alot of her photos for documentaries. That is not much help, but all I can think of right now.

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My wife and I are both nurses so...........yeah.

Just wanted to touch on one thing you said though. You said you were thinking of doing travel as an x-ray tech. or something else medical.

Remember, most job fields dont allow the same movement that nursing does. I knew a traveling speech therapist and she told me it took almost a year to get her license in a new state. It takes nowhere near that time for an RN. So, even though you may read that jobs in a certain medical field has "travel opportunities" doesnt mean its going to be just as simple/smooth as with an RN.

Thanks for the input. looks like its not so easy to have a city hopping career outside of nursing...

I'm planning on getting my RN just for that reason, so I can accompany my wife. Well, the first reason is that I'm touched by how much she actually gets to help people and want to do the same. Then the travelling.

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Why not get in touch with some nationwide temp agencies and ask them what types of positions they place the most? That should give you some ideas to explore.

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