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I am considering taking a travel assignment for the first time, I have 2.5 yrs experience on a busy telemetry floor with periodic assignments to our cardiac intensive care floor. My question is, are you limited by a contract on how many hours you can work at a facility, or as a practical matter, can I work lots of overtime while on assignment? I figure that as long as I am away from home, I should maximize my time spent earning. Has anyone ever taken an assignment and worked for another nearby facility in addition to your contract hours? Is this generally allowed if there is not enough work at your contract facility? Thanks for considering my questions and have a great weekend!! ~Dan


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Some contracts you will work a TON of OT, others will not allow OT at all. That is something you will have to ask your recruiter (and hope for a straight answer). However if you take a contract in a well populated city you might able to work PRN shifts at another facility.

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During my travel assignments, I was constantly asked to work OT. I could have easily worked at another facility. The agency and the hospital don't own your time, other than what you signed up for.