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what are the advantages and disadvantages?


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Advantage, new people, new sites, salary is usally decent, adventure, get to stay out of the in house politic struggles most facilities are dealing with, job is over quick, on to new sites.

Disadvantage, away from home.


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advantages much like peaceful listed.

some disadvantages I will add are:

some agencies/recruiters could give less of a flip about their nurses and hang them out to dry. you find out much of this the hard way, but talking to other travelers is a good way to find out who is good and who is not.

many facilities float travelers before anyone else (I hate to float!!)

usually you don't have any say over your scheduling - they just plug you in on the low shifts.

some units make a habit out of giving agency and travel nurses the crappy assignments that no one else wants. some of them get this attitude that you are making SOOO much money (it is usually not that much more than a PRN nurse would make -- some places its not much more than staff), that they will dump on you at every opportunity. Other units are very good and they treat you as staff while you are there. Another thing that you unfortunately tend to find out the hard way is which units are which.

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