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travel/psychiatric opportunities

I am very interested in both travel nursing and psychiatric nursing. Is there a call for this combination in the marketplace? I will have a BS in nursing in Dec '08 and I have a Masters degree already in Family therapy.


Has 24 years experience. Specializes in psych, medical, drug rehab.

Yes, there is ABSOLUTELY a call for it. I have traveled for last 5 yrs in psychiatry as well as medical.

However due to what has happened on Wall ST, travel nursing has felt its share of the effect. Generally some speciality's of nursing are hit harder than others and that includes psychiatry.

I have worked for Supplemental and Worldwide.There are also many other good agency's out there and recruiters. They all pay differently . It is best to read the sticky on travel nurses, do your homework and then apply to the agency that you feel will best meet your needs and vice a versa.

Good Luck to you!:yeah:

thank you!

so for me, would you recommend 1 to 2 years of med/surg experience first?? i keep hearing that message from instructors, but frankly i do not feel good enough as a new grad to work on a regular unit.

i worked as a home-based family therapist for years and loved it. during my peace corps tour (when i was 48-50 years old) i decided to study nursing and got into school immediately after pc.

i've always been interested in health, so i thought somehow i'd find my niche that would involve travel, health and mental health. i loved the health promotion work i did in thailand and the partnership i did during nursing school (we went to the dominican republic).

i definately have to pay off multiple school loans next. right now i have 6 weeks till i graduate.....:bugeyes: and i am not sure what i should do next to promote my nursing career and education. i can't keep up with myself--help!


Has 24 years experience. Specializes in psych, medical, drug rehab.


I think most nurses would agree to get a few years of experience under your belt before traveling. Personally I would advise at least one year of med surg so you can hone your assesment skills. And if you cant do that for wahtever reason get at best 2-3 yrs of psych experience before plunging into travel nursing.

I only say that because where ever you go in travel nursing they will EXPECT you to hit the floor running with very little orientation.

After over 20 yrs of being a nurse I have realized that there are many ways to cut the cake so to speak.

EVERY hospital does it differently and emphasizes different things.

I would advise getting your first job in a very professional setting so that you can hone your standard of what is right and wrong. That will help you when you get to places in traveling that are not so professional.

I hope this all helps.

Good luck!:up:

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