Travel OR nursing with a physician wife


My wife (internist) and I are thinking about traveling together.  Has anyone known a husband/wife team (nurse and physician) at their facility?  Or maybe a couple that have taken the plunge and went traveling?  Trying to see if it's feasible.  Thanks 

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Not nurse and physician, but nurse/nurse and nurse/surg tech. Several had their contracts at the same time, others were offset by a few weeks.

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I've not heard of nurse and physician couple in the same workplace either, but every other couple has essentially acted as if they were not together at first. Some workplaces make a bigger deal about it than others, so be aware of that. Some people think that there would be bias or favoritism 

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I could see that.  She's a hospitalist and I'm in the OR, so likely wouldn't see her.  We work in the same hospital now, and the only time I see her is during lunch.