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  1. To avoid the eager evil business promotions and empty promises, which travel agency would you guys recommend. I see a lot of posts, but most of them are EXTREMELY out-dated.

    Can you guys help?

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  3. by   Ashli81
    PRN is a good travel agency to work for. Checkout their website at www.prntravelnurse.com or call them at 800-427-8334.
  4. by   pjh
    There is a small company called PPR (professional placment resources) out of Jacksonville beach fl. they are very good and Med star, also depending on which part of the country. some companies just work east or west coast which is nice. 1 888 999 5038. Kemmcare@aol.com 1 866 336 5366 (Bob Melillo) for the east coast.
  5. by   SICU Queen
    I'm partial to Global RN. Go to www.global-rn.net or call 1866GLOBERN.

    Get everything in writing, no matter who you decide to go with.
  6. by   Texasweetyjo
    RN temps is very good
  7. by   TravelerAdvisor
    I've traveled with many and I will never mislead you but if you are looking for a really good company. I recommend Hospital Support out of Austin, Texas. The only bad rap I have for them is there limited locations. It depends on what you are looking for. Monica Rodriguez is my recruiter. Check them out! 877-932-7823
  8. by   biscuit_007
    stay away from preferred healthcare staffing
  9. by   carehope
    I am with crosscountry travelcorp and am very pleased. My rep is Katrina Morgan and she is always on top of things. My first assignment was MUSC in Charleston SC and the housing was awsome. Kristien is there housing rep and they will not put you in any thing but the best. 1800 9985139. You let her know where you want to go and how much pay and she gets right on it.
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  11. by   CruiseRN
    I have traveled with HealthCare Everywhere out of Hilton Head SC.....I liked them...but they're small and have limited assignments.

    I have also worked with Favorite Nurses...I have done 2 assignments with them...first one was great....2nd one had some problems with insurance etc.....and I'm trying to travel with them again and am having some problems.

    I am finding that a lot depends on your recruiter ....I have had some bad ones and some good ones.....they can make it a wonderful experience or an awful one.

    I lookng for another company to travel to Baltimore MD with.

  12. by   TravelerAdvisor
    My company is small also but they do have assignments in Baltimore. Did an assignment at Mercy fot them a while back.
    Monica Rodriguez is my recruiter. Check them out!

  13. by   muttbrownrn
    I wouldn't do anything TravelAdvisor says. The whole Travelerfiles thing removes all credibility. Never did find the website.