Where do I go next? Shands hosp, short term in AZ, Pitt co, NC???

  1. Hi all!!
    Taking a few weeks off between assignments. I don't know where to go now. I was thinking about taking a 4-8 week in AZ or CA with Nurse choice. Or going to FL and working at a hospital there (heard anything about Shands hospital)? How about ICU at Pitt CO, NC? Where should I STAY AWAY FROM in these areas?I am all over the place :spin: !! Anyone have good history with Nurse choice? Any info is appriciated!!Thanks
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  3. by   piperknitsRN
    Shands is level 1 trauma, and will be *busy* and chaotic, esp. in Jacksonville, FL. I've head mixed things bout Pitt CO, NC; some love it, some hate it. Think it depends on your speciality, and your unit. Haven't worked at either places. Maybe some one can be more specific to your questions. Best--
  4. by   Beneficence
    Thanks for the input. Still thinking it over. To tell the truth, I am enjoying my "time off", but I need to get on the ball, before I loose my benefits!!
  5. by   Lorie P.
    Shands at Gainesville is awsome from a " parent's view" and wonderful from a many friends that I meet there. Almost everyone I know that works or worked there loved it.
    It is a teaching hospital with many choices to chose from. Good luck in your decision!
  6. by   Shiggles!
    I have heard the Arizona and California are great. I grew up in Florida and it kind of scares me down here. I nursed in Homestead, Miami, now traveling in orlando. Florida Hospitals in Orlando are good, but stay away from there sister hospitals in Altamonte Springs and Apopka. St. Petersburg, Tampa area is also scary I have not heard good things about them.
  7. by   UF RN
    Shands in Jacksonville, FL or Gainesville, FL?
  8. by   ratchetrn
    I live and work and travel in NC, I haven't heard much good about Pitt, however I work in E.D. the hospital I am currantly working in I was warned against and am overall not having a bad time.
  9. by   cvryder
    I worked at Pitt County in cardiac intermediate and it was probably overall the best assignment I've had. I think their critical care departments generally get high marks. Only bad thing about the place is the *&^%$#! PBDS that you have to take, "one and done" for travelers.

    I've been warned against Craven Co. in New Bern...roughly 60% travelers, and a lot of resentment against them from the supervisors..but I've also heard ICU is okay.
  10. by   GoingHome
    I had an interview with NC Pitt Co. in the SICU. The manager was rude on the phone, I figured maybe she was having a bad day, but it didn't get better. She called @ 5am my time, (which she knew) and decided to do a pop quiz on the phone after she read off a lengthy 10 minute history of the hospital. The whole time she barked questions at me. I passed her pop quiz and was granted the honor of her permission to come to their facility. "But, I want you to know when you get here, you will be taking the PBDS and if you do not pass you will be sent back home." "I have send home 4 out of my travelers this wk." When asked how the facility feels about having travelers. She informed me that the hospital uses a lot of them. "We haven't had to use any in our unit but now with the changes, we have to. They aren't thrilled about it, but they are starting to warm up to the idea" I declined the offer. I figured there was a good reason for such a high wage to work there. Also, if she was that rude, when she is doing her interview (one would think this would be good behavior, first impressons and all)....I didn't want to see her on a bad day.