what do u do about a car?

  1. what does everyone do about transportation when on an assignment? Do you rent? does the company give you a car?
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    I drive my care with me from place to place- that way I can pack it full of my stuff, plus I have a dog- she rides in the back seat!
  4. by   bagladyrn
    I drive to assignments also. I consider the cross country trips one of the big benefits of being a traveler. I always try to allow an extra day or so for traveling so I can sightsee a bit and not stress about making a certain distance each day.
    Few companies provide a rental car, and those that do will reduce your payrate to cover the cost (even if they don't tell you they are doing this)
  5. by   laurelmae
    i have driven from PA to LA then northern cali to CO...i take 3-4 wks off bwtn assignments and enjoy the country. some companies offer rental cars tho, so shop around for a company that meets your anticipated needs---the company that matches you is out there!

    i suppose you could lease a car once u get to the assignment, if they offer a short lease
  6. by   priceless0045
    I'm not a big "across the country" driver, so for my first assignment, i shipped my car from boston to arizona (it was about $925, and i have never regretted doing this). My other assignments were in different parts of CA, so i ended up driving. Some companies do provide rentals, I would check ahead of time.
  7. by   AfghaniPrinzess
    Hi Priceless-thanks for the info..interesting because my first assignment will be leaving from boston to arizona too!

    i saw that you are 24. same age as me...so i am assuming when you started traveling you had about the same amount of experience as me...did you find it hard getting an assignment? Thanks.
  8. by   priceless0045
    Haha, that is pretty interesting. Where in AZ are you heading? I started traveling about a year and a half after I became an Rn. A little over 1.5 years ago. I felt ready because the floor i worked on as staff was pretty difficult and after that experience, I felt like I was ready to tackle just about anything. I didn't have much trouble finding assignments at all. Some positions I wanted were filled, but it probably took me about a month to find a place to work after I started looking.
  9. by   Noahj
    anyone ever had a car shipped over to Alaska?

    just wondering what it would cost to get it there from the south? i don't mind driving, but not to Alaska.