What do travel nurses do about their mail / bills while on assignment.

  1. Hey guys, quick question. So I'm 25 and I have traveled for work to different states a couple of times still claiming my home as a permanent residence. I travel for 3 months at a time. Problem is, my home where I pay rent is the basement of my parents' house. My father retired since my last assignment and now works out of state as well, but comes home every other week or so. Recently, I've realized that I still cannot trust my father to not go through my mail. Wouldn't be a problem, but I have to keep up with bills, etc. And I sure don't want him reading my bank statements.

    My question is, what do nurses who own homes, etc. do about their mail and bills when they're on assignment with no one at home to bring it in for them?
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  3. by   strider1500
    I used to travel for another kind of business and what I did was take a laptop with me and paid all my bills online.

    The one bill I had that couldn't be paid online was my rent, I sent my mother the cash and she paid it in person.
  4. by   justme1972
    I'm not a nurse but years ago had a job when I was single and traveled alot.

    I had a neighbor that I would leave postage-paid priority mail boxes with. Once per week she put everything in and sent it to where I was. I gave her permission to throw away all sale papers.
  5. by   Rage
    There are payment centers that will write the checks for you, or you could just take the check book with you and write the checks from the road.............verify check clearance on-line is your receipt.
    Most banking can be done on-line now and as mentioned before there are ways around those services that don't.
    Most banks will allow you to elect "NOT" to receive banking statements with on-line banking as well.
    Utility companies will let you post a credit balance to a account and then draw from that credit until you get back to cover expenses while your gone (after all they receive the interest)
    Instruct that any account that regularly contacts you to do so via email and leave a contact phone number.
  6. by   Conqueror+
    We used fast forward remail. It is a regular street address so no PO box restrictions. We pay a small annual fee and they send you your mail wherever you are. They will even sort through and not forward junk mail to save postage and you can pick all that stuff up when you get back into town or have them toss it. They even do our tag renewals if we want and forward us the stickers ! We just have one Visa that we keep assigned to our current address for online purchases etc.. Works great no worries. My mom is real nosy too.