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  1. I've heard that there is some good money to be made traveling to CA to pick up a few shifts. What does an RN have to do to be qualified to get into something like this? Is there a certain amount of experience needed? What is the pay like. Please write with any info on this subject.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You need to have a California license, and have minimum of one year experience, the more the better. The higher rates are usually for experienced specialty nurses.

    But what you are taking about is "agency" nursing, not travel nursing. You would be responsible for your travel expenses, as well as housing.
  4. by   nursepooh22
    I am a newly graduated RN and I have been working on a Medical-Surgical floor for almost 10 months. I am very interested in traveling. I will graduate with my BSN in May. What is the best way for me to begin learning about travel nursing opportunities?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Do you have any idea on where you would like to travel to? This should be your first decision as different agencies have different cities under their belt.
    Then certain hospitals have specific contracts with just a few agencies.

    If you have any idea of where and when then things will be much easier.

    But next question for you, since you state that you are a fairly new grad, would you feel comfortable walking into a facility with only minimal orientation, and I mean minimal, anywhere from four hours to three days or so. Definitely not the new employee orientation.

    You may want to try out local agency work for a few shifts in your own home area to see if this is something that you would feel comfortable with.

    Hope that this helps............