Washoe Medical Center

  1. Ever Work at this facility in Reno,Nevada- suggestions... opinions would be appreciated?
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  3. by   kimee
    I have traveler - friend in the area. And passed thru few weeks ago from California to Joplin, MO area... It is not large city, and very navigatable (we spent night there, and took back roads very easily). Are you taking assignment, or just checking it out?
  4. by   k_cole21
    I'm in Reno right now. At "the other hospital" but have heard many things about Washoe. Very busy, Trauma ER, Babies del in hallways. Love Reno though! Lots of activities but housing is expensive. Are you looking to travel or relocate?
  5. by   Euskadi1946
    FFFRN Lived in Reno for 28 years and worked at both St. Mary's and Washoe Med and both hospitals at that time were very good and both were extremely competitive at that time. I worked with excellent nurses in both hospitals so it would be difficult to choose between the two of them. I understand there have been alot has changes at both St. Mary's and Washoe Med. Try working at Washoe and see how you like it>
  6. by   Reno1978
    As of a few days ago, Washoe Med is now known as Renown Health. Just FYI in case your recruiter swaps the name on you!

    They have both a downtown location, which is large...they're building a new patient tower to open in late '07. They also have a new location in the south of town, which is smaller. My clinical is at Saint's, so I don't know too much about Washoe Med...I do hear that the South Meadows location is a bit more relaxed than the downtown location. I think there's a few travellers on these boards who are at Washoe now...hopefully they'll chime in! Good luck!
  7. by   fish24hours
    I used to work at Washoe back in 92 and loved it there! Also did some shifts and St Mary's and it was just as good. I don't think you can go wrong at either of the two. Good Luck!:wink2: