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  1. I will soon be starting an assignment in Collenton Hospital in waltersboro ,SC Has any one been there or know of any one that has:imbar Would appreciate any advise. Also would any one recommend any other hospitals in SC I really love the weather there and the housing that crosscountry has put me up in.
    Thank You:kiss
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  3. by   Stormy62
    Mcleod hospital in Florence, SC is pretty good size (well I guess it depends on where you come from). Florence is only an hours drive to Myrtle Beach. The humidy in SC is pretty high.....course you know that if you've already been there...kind of like taking a wet washrag and putting it over your face and trying to breath.

    The towns of Mullins and Marion (between Florence and Myrtle Beach) recently consolidated into one hospital, now located between the two towns on Highway 76. This is a new hospital having been built within the past 5 years or so.

    If you like the green mountainous areas, I suggest looking up to the northwest corner of SC ........Florence and everything east/south of there is flat and sandy (and swampy in parts!).....Good luck on your venture! Stormy
  4. by   carehope
    Thanks stormy! I appreciate the info. :wavey
  5. by   Brownms46
    Well I have already posted to you concerning Walterboro, and the "hospital" a while back... Now I can only hope you're at least thinking of going in another direction. But if not...I look forward to hearing what happens once you get there...

    I would make a suggestion, that you give Florence a try. Not at it is summer time...and McLeod will be busting at the seams. Also they do 24hr surg, and procedures, and not sure if you work the floors or not...but I wouldn't work they're floors again. I have worked their floors, MICU, and in their ER Level I or II not sure at this time. Holding in the ER with TBA's many times for TWO days! They have a fast track peds areas also..that sees after hrs until 11pm. Nice Peds Docs. If you do go there...get EVERYTHING in writing! Also they have been known to cancel contracts when it suits them. When I was there...they cancelled a VERY experienced ER nurse's contract after one month in the am, and then that pm tried to tell her, she still had a contract. The joke was on them though as she was able to find another contract at a resort ski area...and they were out of luck! They do have very nice Docs there!

    Carolina Hospital systems is or was a good place to work. I did five contracts at least their ICU/CCU...with consisted of the ICU side being 8 beds I think and the CCU side being 7 beds...I think. Never worked the no idea how they are. New facilty ..that was just built recently, and combined two hospitals together. One was called Florence General, and the other was called Bruce hospital. I know they're looking for nurses...and was offering bonuses. Also some very nice docs..except for the Chief of Sugery. Florence is like Peyton Place...for real in the medical circles...:chuckle I also worked NICU/OB at Carolina Systems Women's Center, and that was a very nice contract...EXCELLENT nurses, who were very TRAVELER friendly!!! Here is there URL:
    They have taken over several surrounding area I would check them out.

    Now there is Manning Manning, S. C...and it has been awhile since I was there. But it's a very small hospital, and I worked just about every area there except ER and OR...and very nice docs, and the nurses were great also! Manning is located between Charleston, and Florence. There is also Kingstree Hopital, which is now also a Carolina Systems hospitals. It's in the poorest county, and the hospital used to be great to work at...but when Carolina Systems came in...they got rid of a lot of the staff that was there. I worked OB, ICU and M/S...and loved it before Carolinas took over. Don't know how it is now. Very nice Docs though!

    Next there is Hartsville Hospital, and also a nice little hospital..or was. Haven't been there in a long time! Worked a lot of OB there...and GREAT NURSES!!! One OB doc who was the primary OB there, was an AWESOME doc, but he has passed d/t cancer. He was a saint in human form!

    Then there is Wilson Hospital in a town close to Florence and it's owned by Mcleod. Very small, but very nice hospital and staff.

    There is Richland hospital in Columbia...but I wouldn't want to go there. Nice nurses in the NICU, but the floors was a different story! They would have pts in the hallways on the FLOORS!

    Orangeburg hospital is the PITTS...unless they have done a 360..I would STAY away!

    There is Hilton Head...and I have never heard a traveler complain about an assignment there! But more expensive there...evn McDonalds...:chuckle. Also very congested during the summer, and only a two lane highway coming on the island and off. But might a great alternative to Walterboro!

    Beaufort...AVOID like the plague!

    Also there is Roper Hospital right there in Charleston, where I had one of the best contract I have every had!!! Nice, travaler friendly staff ...including the DOCs.....really made me feel at home!! I almost went on staff there. Baker Hospital or what used to be Baker Hospital, away from Downtown Charleston...was a very backwards hospital, that was bought out by Roper in 1992. Not sure how it is now...but the nurse pt, ratio was AWFUL!! Also equipment and supplied was antique to say the least! The county some people liked it...but I went there to see a friend...and reminded me of chaos!!! Unorganized, dirty hallways...and sloppy looking nurses!

    And last but not least, Myrtle Beach, and Grand Strand hospital. Many travelers have enjoyed contracts there, but also it is the summer, and the traffic will be AWFUL! You could walk anywhere faster than you could drive! There were widening the Hwy...but I think the drive is still awful there!

    I spent 4yrs in S. C. doing assignments, and can tell you about most of the hospitals ..except for the hill country. And although my experience is at least four years old...believe me..S. C. isn't know for change..

    I hope you find something that will suit you...! Good Luck!
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    thanks for all the great info brownie it is much appreciated I can't remember what you said about waltersboro before but sounds like I might be getting myself in a mess huh would appreciate it if you could inlighten me again Thanks again!
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  7. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by carehope
    thanks for all the great info brownie it is much appreciated I can't remember what you said about waltersboro before but sounds like I might be getting myself in a mess huh would appreciate it if you could inlighten me again Thanks again!
    You're welcome carehope, and I sincerely hope you're not at Walterboro at this time. For some reason I'm not being notified when some posts to the board....hence my late response. I'm just praying you went in another direction...or that things have TOTALLY changed at walterboro! goes! Walterboro is in the middle of nowhere...and the hospital staff left much to be desired! My first shift there...I was told I would be the med nurse for one hall...about 17pts, and I would have FIVE PTS OF MY OWN on the 3-11 shift!! Med nurse did the meds, PRNs, IVPB, FSBS, and SS coverages! I politely asked the charge where was the I was about to walk! The nurse's station was filled with people from different disciplines...and everyone looked up...but no one said a word! She asked me what was the problem...and I told her I would not accept such an assignment as I wanted to KEEP my license! She then decided she would take a couple of pts away from me...and I again told her I would not take that assignment! The assignment was redone, and I was given a much more suitable one. What I'm saying is that they will try to stick it to agency if YOU let them!

    After that....I worked many shifts there, and was known for doing double shifts...usually 3 in a row. Then staff got wind of the amount of money agency was making, and starting getting nasty! One agency nurses was verbally assaulted by a staff nurse the elevator! It was reported to the agency and the hospital...but I bet anything this person is still there! Why did she do this?? Because the staff there didn't get a raise that year...and this nurse decided that agency was the reason...and called this nurse everything but a child of GOD! I soon tired of being given the worst pts, and the having my rooms spilt so they could do this! I started doing only ICU, and refused to go to the floor EVER! But while in the ICU...I worked with a VERY incompetent nurse, who allowed her pt to pull out his ET at least TWICE in ONE shift! WHY? Because she was too busy feeding her face or on the phone talking to her boyfriend in the nurse's lounge behind the nurse's station. I ended up trying to watch her and my pts...while she did everything but her job...AND would fall asleep! She was often late for work also...and you would have to wait until she got there to give report! Soon....I got tired of the whole thing period...and would refuse to go there...even when I was broke!

    Now the town...there is very little if anything there to do or see! It's a very rural town...and I can understand why your agency has had trouble finding somewhere for you to live. There are no apts except for those receiving federal assist, or those being offered by private owners. The hospital did offer rooms there in the hospital...when they had empty beds...but I when I did stay in this little motel on the road into Walterboro. VERY NICE people there though....and they looked after me. I used to love to go in and take time to talk with them! I lived in Summerville at the time. Your agency is probably not going to find a nice apt...anywhere closer than a least 30 miles away or so. If you haven't traveled down to Walterboro yourself...I would give it a look see...and decide for yourself. But if you want to get out of this contract...I think I would be a you know what...and tell the company if they can't find you something close.... to find you something ELSE!

    Carehope I hope you either can get out of this...or that a miracle has happened and Collecton Medical Ctr has changed for the better! :kiss
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  8. by   Brownms46
    Carehope....kind of getting worried here. You ok???
  9. by   carehope
    Sorry I couldnt get back to you brownie but my computer was down. Well I am at Colleton, stated yesterday or sorta. I was told to be there at 6:45 by my agency and knowbody there knew why because nurse manager doesnt get in till 8 or 9 so was told by staff to come back. I did and the manager who is now Wallace Manning (Hall 3 ) was very nice but had know explination why i was told 645. Any way she was never able to get a hold of HR and she was to busy , she had taken a few days off. So I was sent home and told to come back today that she would have a staff member buddy up with me. Well I went today did follow around a very nice nurse for awhile then was sent to HR where i watched videos ,got TB test, drug screen ect.Now tomorrow I go to HR for company orientation. The manager has only been there since November of 2001 and did mention that when she first came the attitudes were terrible. she said she has been able to change some of that but there were still a few. we will see. I will keep you up dated of how it is going. Thank you so much for letting me know . Oh yes my agency has put me up in Charleston in a very nice place called Heron Reserve. It takes me about 45 min. to get to Hospital.
    Thank You
  10. by   Brownms46
    You're very welcome carehope, and I'm praying that things well go well for you. I was beginning to get a little worried...but glad to see that the manager is already aware of the attitudes there, and hopefully will be supportive...

    I'm very sorry to hear you're having to drive from I know that road...and it can be bumper to bumper at times in the am, and the fog there can make it a very slow drive also. Keep strong...and I will be glad to be a listening ear for you at anytime. There have been those here who have done the same for it's time to "pay it forward". Check out the little motel...if it's still there. Nice rooms...and always fresh coffee. They used to give me a cut rate...and it was very cheap....especailly when you're too tired to make the drive home. Take care..
  11. by   carehope
    Thank You Brownie!
  12. by   Brownms46
    OOOps...sorry I didn't see this one..! You're always.... How's it going there? How is the commute going?? Have you had to check outh the motel there...or is it evn still there any more. I will be off my PC on the third. So if I don't hear from you I will just continue to pray...
  13. by   carehope
    Hi Brownie,,,
    Everything with the hospital is going fiine. I am on hall 3. I here 2 is from hell! the problem i am having is with my agency. I was put on call a day last week and scheduled the rest and now today my recruter said i will only get on call pay. $2.oo/hr Mycontract says a minimum of 72 hs. She just blew it off. When I asked her about the mim and that she had saiid i could count on at least 72 hrs. she just kept saying you will get on call pay. Then she had nerve to say "well this is only the first time it has happened, dont worry about it" I could have come thru the phone. I reminded her that I had bills to pay and she just said well I dont know what to tell you. My contract is for a minimum of 72 hrs can they do this? I can not live without my full pay. I told her i would not be able to work like this. She really didnt have any thing to say. Sorry I dont mean to sound on you but i know you have been doing this a long time. Thanks for listening!
    So far the drive isn't to bad.
    Thanks for being there,
  14. by   carehope

    The little motel you were talking about is now closed. It looks like it was nice.