valley healthcare or flexcare??

  1. anyone heard of valley healthcare or flexcare staffing? Good? Bad?
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  3. by   NurseKylie
    I worked with Flexcare for 2 assignments from Aug 2011-Feb 2012 and the only reason I left was to get an assignment on the East Coast. At the time, they mainly had West Coast assignments (both mine being in CA) but now they have a new accounts manager who is working on getting more contracts out East. I loved them and never had any issues...I got paid accurately and on time every time. My recruiter is AWESOME! She went to bat for me several times...even finding me a contract for a peds position in the Bay Area when there were not advertised. I am anxious to work with them again when I head back West. Hope this helps! Feel free to message me with specific questions
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  4. by   Citigyrl
    I have worked with Valley Healthcare for a few years. My is AMAZING!!!! He always calls to check on you, always patient and truly works to get assignments for you. If he doesn't feel it's a good fit with a respectable team, he won't bother placing you at the facility. They are mainly staffed in California but often have assignments available in other cities.
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  5. by   RNWhit07
    I've heard a lot of good things about Valley. ...and California is just the place I'm looking to go...but not until a few months (gotta finish out a contract here at home).

    Where are you from. Are you working in Cali now? How do you like nursing in Cali?

    Thanks for the help and advice in advance!
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  6. by   Citigyrl
    Hi...thanks for the response. Myself and a few of my friends have worked in California before. I still have a friend there in San Diego. I'm originally from Louisiana and am currently on assignment in the US Virgin Islands.
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  7. by   RNWhit07
    How is the assignment in the Virgin Islands.. sounds amazing.
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    Did you use kyle to get to virgin islands?
  9. by   shushu
    Hi, RN here in Louisiana and have been traveling to CA for 11 years. Am looking at Valley Healthcare also. So, thanks for the info. I am aroung the Baton Rouge area and just work as a traveler.
  10. by   hlee02
    Nurse Kylie,

    I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me more info! i am planning on leaving my permanent job in nyc next month to do traveling nursing for the first time out in california! I was initially going to go with CCTC cause it was one of the bigger traveling companies but after reading many reviews I feel like there might be other better companies out there! I cannot pm you cause I have just joined this website Please reply back!!!!

  11. by   hlee02
    sorry i am new to this forum and had posted something twice
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  12. by   Cali
    I'm currently on an assignment with Flexcare. I've been working with them for the past year and I LOVE them. I've taken assignments with 2 other agencies before them and I think they're the best agency for me. The bulk of their assignments are in California but they're starting to branch out. There are SO many travel agencies out there so shop around. With every assignment you take, network with the other travelers and ask about their agencies/recruiters. Recruiters are another thing.....your recruiter can make or break your entire experience and/or your view of the agency. I almost left Flexcare last year because my recruiter all of a sudden started to suck but after they changed my recruiter things changed dramatically. Oh, and most travelers think whatever agency they use is the best agency, so just be careful and make sure you get with a company that works for YOU.
  13. by   hlee02
    Thanks so much!
    I think I will def look into flex care since they are based out in california.. I spoke with someone briefly and she sounded really nice but did not go over any logistics.
  14. by   HollywoodDiva
    All the agencies that was mentioned in previous threads I have actually worked for and was very happy with them. I'm still currently working with all of them... it just depends on which agency has contracts with the specific hospitals I want to work for is how I decide which I work with. I don't think you will have a problem with any of the 3 agencies mentioned.