Trouble getting an assignment

  1. I am having trouble getting an assignment. I realize I am a first time traveler but I am retired nurse of 25 yrs.i have been retired for 1 yr. Trying to get an OR assignment, my last 5 yrs at the major trauma hospital where I worked was in the general OR.I tell the recruiters I am flexible, won't be traveling with pets or family.I am signed up with 4 different companies, have good references.Any advice?
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Keep calling the recruiters, check the agency websites for their position listings several times a day and call your recruiters for every position you see listed that looks of interest to you. Things are tight right now, but with persistence and flexibility (especially as to location) you can still find contracts.
    You might want to ask those recruiters if they have any positions with the Indian Health Service since they are generally in need (but are generally remote areas). That or the VA hospitals might be a good start because they are federal facilities and you can work under any state valid license.
  4. by   newrn05
    Get an account on
    They have a travel nurse forum and one for recruiters to talk to and post to travel nurses. I have seen a lot of postings for OR.

    Good Luck