Traveling with big dogs

  1. Hi all!
    My best friend and I would like to travel in a year or so. Problem is, she has a Rottweiler mix ( who looks like a Rottweiler) and I have a Lab mix. She's potentially getting a Boxer soon.
    What, if any, potential problems will we run into traveling with 3 large dogs? Thanks!
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  3. by   HollywoodDiva
    Housing will be an issue. Most apartments have a weight limit and breed limit as well as number of pets allowed per apartment. Talk to your recruiter because they can give you more details. I travel with a cat and an English Bulldog.
  4. by   NedRN
    Large dogs are a big issue for travelers. Renting a house is almost the only way to go. You may well have to look in person in the assignment city, and you will probably have to settle for a non-luxury house (perhaps a little run down). This is more financially feasible for two traveling together, and might be easier in rural areas. One of my early assignments was in Bangor Maine, and much to my surprise, my agency at the time - Cross Country rented me a house! However, the upstairs was separate and a few weeks later another traveler arrived with one of the largest dogs I have ever seen. Some sort of Great Dane / Lab mix. I had a great time of being able to enjoy a pet without the obligations. I really raised eyebrows and either scared or delighted small children when I took him for a walk or run - he was really large. The nature of small towns seems like landlords are more likely to put up with large pets.

    I often like to suggest traveling by RV for small pet owners, but I see so few large dogs in RVs, I doubt they are comfortable for humans or their owners (wink).
  5. by   Lovelymo79
    Thanks all!
  6. by   midnightrose8504
    I would like to know a little more about this topic as well. Bc I want to try travel nursing but I have 2 pugs (25lbs) and a German Shepard (70lbs). How hard will it be to get a house. I would even be willing to pay a portion of the rent if I could get a fence or something
  7. by   NedRN
    A portion of the rent? I think you will be on your own with most companies. Ask a few agencies about their housing stipend and compare it with a house rental cost. By the way, short term rentals are typically about 30% more than a year lease in most areas. Some places you can get month to month agreements without paying more, but usually not where you want to go. With big dogs, you may find that you have to travel to more out of the way places with low housing demand. Or go way down on your living standards!

    I find it interesting how many people have large house dogs. I would never have a large dog unless I could train them from a puppy to be outdoors. Then even travel nursing might be doable. Traveling with a significant other (human) has to be easier than traveling with multiple dogs. Consider the pet alternative - a spouse or a pet rock! (kidding - I know you must be quite attached to your pets)

    Another thought just occurred to me. Travelers Haven specializes in travel nurse housing for agencies (just like hospitals outsourcing staffing with agencies, agencies also outsource finding housing!) and individual travelers. Call them, they should know better than me how doable housing with large dogs are in various locations around the country. A Google search will find them.
  8. by   PMKNSE
    I'm surprised to hear that I will likely have trouble finding housing because I have a Lab. Apartments here in Ohio don't seem to have a problem with them. Ned have you ever done this or are you going by what you've heard?
  9. by   NedRN
    Ha! I'm from Ohio. Hate to tell you, but all of Ohio is the low rent district. It is fairly easy to find dog friendly housing here. There may be a large non-refundable pet deposit which makes a lot of pet-owner's blood boil, especially travelers who may have to eat it every three months. No, I don't own pets. Because I have always been very mobile even before I traveled and didn't want the hassles. But I love pets, and have had many roommates with cats and dogs, and memorably in nursing school, a cockatoo.
  10. by   palmbeachRN
    I have a big (95 lbs) choco lab/mastiff mix and we don't have problems. The apartments they set you up with are pet-friendly, but three big dogs would probably be an issue (usually the limit is two pets) Plus, depends on the dog. Mine is old and lazy and doesn't mind living in a small area because he sleeps all day. Young, energetic dogs? May have to take the stipend and look for your own housing!
  11. by   Lovelymo79
    We have about a year before we go and I'm thinking we'll either have to take the stipend or get separate apartments. We shall see. Thanks all! Oh...and she did end up getting a boxer.