traveling up north?

  1. My wife and I live in Asheville, NC. She has recently found a job in Brattleboro VT that looks very appealing to her at Brattleboro retreat. We are trying to figure out what we will do if she is offered the job. My plan is to try and get a travel assignment somewhere in New England (hopefully near Brattleboro but at least within an hour or two. I have 1.5yrs of telemetry experience and would be willing to work med/surg or really any floor that would take me.

    From your experience, how common are travel jobs up north? Also, and I know this varies from assignment to assignment but does anyone have a reference for pay scale for a med/surg or Tele RN?

    My ideal situation would be to work 3 or 4 assignments over the course of a year and then maybe try and find a job in or near Brattleboro if we decide to stay there. Thanks for any help or advance.

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  3. by   NedRN
    Springfield Mass, and Lebanon NH are both about an hours drive from Brattleboro and both have a ton of ongoing travel assignments. Pay should be $30 or more plus housing. I've also worked in Pittsfield several times but that is over an hours drive on secondary roads.