Traveling in State? - would it work?

  1. Ok obviously travel nursing is several years away for me..but I love to daydream and think ahead to the future LOL. I have read almost this entire forum in the last 24 hours and looking at RV's on Ebay! haha

    Now see if it were all up to me, I would buy the biggest bestest RV and just travel travel travel (see I have committment issues anyway LOL)

    My DH on the other hand.. well let's just say I have 3 years to work on him! He loves mountains and flyfishing... I could get some travel mags and show him allllll those streams!

    Anyway, I will be moving soon to the boonies to attend school. I'll be about halfway between Nashville and Memphis.. about 2 hours from each.

    Theoretically... could I travel out of state 6 months a year, and then get a gig in Nashville or Memphis the other 6 months? Have an agency get me an apartment or park my RV and get the stipend... and work 3 days a week in the big city and go home to my "tax house" the other 4 days a week so that we'd be "stable" in my DH eyes, but I could actually make some money (pay in that part of TN...Jackson area is not so good!) in Nashville or Memphis?

    Could that work?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sure it could, but remember that you should have at least two years experience before starting in the travel world, some will tell you less, but the more experience the better. Remember that it will be your nursing license, not theirs.....
  4. by   nyck76
    You could do it. I have a friend who had a newer grandbaby she likes to see often, so she takes an assignment within 2 hours of home, works her 3 12 hour shift in a row, stays in a hotel for 2 nights during (usually $30 - 40/night), then drives home for a few days. The amount you get in housing subsity depends on the company and the area, but you will clear alot more than you pay for the 2 nights a week for hotel. I am from St.Louis and for the last 3 years I traveled within 2 hours of it because I made alot money just in subsity, which is a real plus. And I became a travel rn after being a nurse for 1 year and have done fine. Just stick to whatever speciality you are in now. Actually, I think it is good to start traveling early in your nursing career because some older nurses don't do as well because they don't like change since they have been working in the same position at the same hospitals for years and years.(These are usually the ones who don't like travelers and are resentful I have noticed). Newer nurses don't have a preference just yet since the career is still new to them, therefore change comes easier to them. Granted, I have met alot of seasoned nurses who became travelers because they WANTED a change and they do well too. If you want to do it bad enough you will be fine.